Innovation. It’s What Defines Us.

Next Phase provides insights and solutions for healthcare, engineering and science research.

Next Phase Solutions and Services - About Us

Our Approach

Explore the possibilities. There is nothing routine about our clients’ missions or the tough challenges ahead.  Our design methods cultivate ideas and engage clients and users to define breakthrough products, services and experiences.

Enable Innovation. We bring innovative thinkers that deliver high quality systems design, development, operational support and data services. We pair new and exciting technology with our expert services to achieve the mission.

People-Focused. People and change, we get it. New offerings must be desirable for end users, viable from a business perspective and feasible given existing capabilities of the organization.

Collaborative Processes & Holistic Deliverables. Our agile practices allow us to work seamlessly with partners and serve the needs of our customers.

Next Phase Solutions and Services - About Us

Outside the Box.

We help our clients think about what’s next, what to offer and how to build the systems and experience desired by their customers.

Do you see it? Our innovation consultancy helps our clients build and test prototypes in real world scenarios in order to shape ideas and define products, services, and experiences.

Micropilots. Our UX designers and engineers help clients create pilots in the real world. Beyond typical methods used by designers, a micropilot enables higher fidelity observations in a realworld setting, brainstorming with cross-functional teams, refining ideas, and greater user satisfaction with the final product.

Minimal Viable Products. Building a digital service through MVPs helps gather reliable data about the customers’ reaction to a feature. Even better, there is no danger of over-engineering the solution. Our clients are confident we are only building features their customers will use.

Next Phase Solutions and Services - About Us

Process and Technology

Program and Project Management. Whether creating a Project Management Office (PMO) from the ground up, or leveraging best practices for earned value management, we offer modern solutions.

Our project management consultants bring subject matter expertise beyond the typical “IT PM.” We know government, healthcare, engineering, IT and  we know how to help people be productive.

Process Assessments and Compliance Audits

Our process and industry experts provide our customers with valuable insights into process compliance through meaningful assessments and audits.  Our experts in healthcare, manufacturing and technology bring actionable results through process development, audits and organization training.