NPSS Solutions - Data & Analytics

Big data, big opportunity.

We develop and integrate systems with a focus on the toughest data and integration challenges. Our solutions enable data services for modern visualization systems, elevate the user experience, and change the way users gain insights from their data.

The ability to drive critical, accurate insights across a variety of data sets and across a variety of channels, can dramatically improve an organization’s ability to address a broad range of business challenges. We specialize in open-source and commercial-off-the-shelf solutions such as Sales Force, IBM Initiate and Informatica-based data solutions. We bring modern data platforms such as Reltio, to help our clients integrate and achieve their data management objectives.

Including Reltio in the enterprise arsenal of tools, enables government and large organizations to gain the ability to achieve greater insight from their data, to improve the productivity of the enterprise, and to serve the needs of their stakeholders through rapid application development. As a premier sales and implementation partner for Reltio, we specialize in deployments of Reltio for government. Learn more about Reltio for Government here.


Spotlight: Data & Analytics Solutions

The Reltio Platform
The Reltio Data Management Platform is designed from the ground up to deliver "data-as-a-service". Gone are the days of needing a myriad of contractors and systems to manage agency data. Our modern technology helps pave the road to major system transformation while minimizing disruption and cost to existing systems. Whether positioned as a data tier in an application, or utilized as a shared service infrastructure solution (such as MDM 2.0), Next Phase brings this innovative platform to help agencies achieve the goal of "data as an asset".