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Our Values

Together, we are committed to a stronger and better future made exciting through technology. We are committed to enabling new scientific discoveries, improving healthcare for America, and unlocking an organization’s potential with exciting technologies.

  • Integrity. Acting with integrity, fairness, professionalism and respect towards others is fundamental to each and everyone of us, and we live this value through everyday business practices.
  • Imagination, agility, impact and client satisfaction. We believe these all go hand-in-hand. We work diligently to gather people who possess imagination, operate with agility, and raise the bar on making real impact — as we know this translates to client satisfaction.
  • Commitment to each other. In truth, everyone matters and we go to great lengths to nurture this truth in our culture.  We know our collegial spirit is a strength and competitive advantage.
  • Strength through cultural diversity. Our team reflects our customers; strong and diverse! We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders, while contributing to client satisfaction.

Next Phase Community Engagement

Next Phase promotes community and educational efforts focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) AND keeping our planet healthy. These causes connect with the interests and desires of our employees, align with our customers and are representative of the core Next Phase values. We strive to make an impact on these charities through both corporate support and employee engagement opportunities.

Diversity, Collaboration and Innovation

Next Phase values a diverse and inclusive workforce and we support our employees with progressive policies and programs that reflect our values. We work very hard, and we play hard. Most important is our commitment to each other, our desire to collaborate, each takes seriously the responsibility to challenge our peers to excel and innovate.

Commitment to Ethics

Next Phase is committed to engaging in ethical business practices, complying with the laws everywhere we conduct business, and providing a proper and professional work environment. Next Phase values transparency and promotes an open exchange between employees and all levels of management.