The Reltio Platform

The Reltio Platform

is designed from the ground up to deliver “data-as-a-service” for data driven applications. Gone are the days of needing a myriad of contractors and systems to manage agency data.  Our modern technology helps pave the road to major system transformation while minimizing disruption and cost to existing systems.  Whether positioned as a graph-based data management solution, as a data tier in an application, or utilized as a shared service infrastructure solution (such as MDM 2.0), Next Phase brings this innovative platform to help agencies achieve the goal of “data as an asset”.

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Reltio named Leader in The Forrester Wave Master Data Management Q1 2016

Forrester Report 2016

Key Features

  • FedRAMP Approved Cloud Deployments provides the ability to deploy in an agency’s private AWS enclave or on Amazon Gov.
  • Meets all Technical Reference Architecture requirements for Open-Source software used in a federal environment.
  • No Schema restrictions delivers complete model flexibility by leveraging a graph-based approach to an entity-based data model.No data source or data-type limitations offers the ability to ingest data from any number of structured or unstructured data sources
  • No data limits remove restrictions on how much data you can bring into the platform, including profiles, relationships or interactions
  • Profiles to simplify the search, identification and management of business usable data definitions such as People, Organizations, Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Locations, Products and various others.
  • Affiliations & Relationships to manage the complex relationships across various Profile objects enabled through a powerful graph store.
  • Hierarchies to allow users to create and manage the structured relationships such as legal structures for organizations, products hierarchies, reporting relationships in an organization, etc.
  • Transactions and Interactions management provides the ability to onboard millions of multi-channel (across web, social, mobile channels) transaction and interaction records (regardless of the varied data structures) for holistic profile-centric view.
  • Source Crosswalks to track and manage identifiers from a variety of contributing data sources for ongoing updates and downstream data distribution
  • Tags to provide the ability to manually or programmatically (via machine learning) “tag” various profiles and relationships for ad hoc affinity clustering
  • Groups to create and manage both manual and rules-based segmentation.
  • Ratings to enable the ability to rate and rank profiles, relationships and hierarchies based on the quality of the data or level of engagement
  • Collaboration Services for users to collaborate in ad hoc social or structured workflows with attribute level annotation capabilities and discussion threads
  • History & Lineage features provide support for bi-temporal point-in-time views of historical data and changes down to attribute level granularity
  • Audit Trail functionality delivers accurate tracking of the reasons for any data changes across the system
  • Integrated Analytics features for analysis of reach, rank, impact and influence to improve adhoc discovery, exploration and causal analysis of large datasets with full integration with hadoop/spark.
  • Data Insights & Intelligence is derived from millions of transaction records to understand engagement and behavior patterns across multiple interaction channels.
  • Visualization through out-of-the-box user interface (UI) or customizable for 508 compliance.  The flexible UI enables the Business users to interact with the data and help improve the insights that can be derived from the continuous use of such information
  • Data Partners provides access to popular data sets with on-click ease.